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Body positivity begins with self-kindness.

Even the smallest efforts to get active and eat right can make a world of difference. Be kind to yourself, and let’s create lasting habits rather than quick fixes.

Start With Nourishment

Small steps can go a long way.

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We’ve got the recipes for success.

Green Strawberry Smoothie

Green Strawberry Smoothie

This recipe features veggies and fruits in one tasty beverage.

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Black Bean Budino

Black Bean Budino

neak some fiber and protein into this sweet dessert.

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Carrot Patch Parfait

Carrot Patch Parfait

While this sweet treat doesn’t actually contain carrots, it still has plenty of beta-carotene!

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Our bodies are our gardens, to which our wills are gardeners.

William Shakespeare

Our experts share their top tips.

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Places to go, wellness to achieve.

Discover places that inspire physical health and wellness in your community.

Here’s a tracklist to keep you on track.

We carefully curated a Spotify playlist to help you achieve your goals.

Click play to listen to upbeat workout tunes, nutrition and fitness podcast episodes, and guided yoga flows.

Log your progress.

Download and print out these resources to help yourself persevere when things get hard.

Healing begins with human connection.

Humankindness has the power to change the world, and we start by championing the healer within each of us. Let us know the areas where you could use some encouragement and support.

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