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Hello humankindness

We believe humanity holds the power to heal. Let’s heal each other with humankindness and respect.

Hello to healing.

At St. Luke's Health, we believe humankindness is at the root of all healing. It’s a simple belief that while medicine has the ability to cure, it’s our shared humanity that holds the power to heal.

Humankindness is meant to be shared. It puts a smile on someone’s face and seeks to do the same for others. It crosses all boundaries and invites people in to spread it in the most unconventional ways.

The healing power of humanity.

When doctors show kindness, patients are more than twice as likely to listen. Result: more effective treatment planning and a greater chance that patients will follow up with the recommended treatment protocols.

Three easy steps to prepare for your appointment.



We believe in the power of humankindness

At St. Luke's Health, humankindness means inspiring change in health care that leads to more empathy, listening, and respect - because we believe that humanity holds the power to heal. 



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