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A cancer patient and her oncologist discuss the next steps in her treatment plan.


A non-invasive alternative to surgery for cancerous and non-cancerous tumors, CyberKnife® tracks, detects, and corrects for motion to administer precise radiation dose therapy. The non-surgical treatment requires no anesthesia and is painless. It’s so precise that radiation can be sculpted to small complexly shaped lesions near critical structure, including arteriovenous malformations, acoustic neuroma, trigeminal neuralgia, and ocular melanoma. CyberKnife® is used to treat many tumors and lesions that may have been previously considered inoperable or untreatable, including tumors in the prostate, lung, brain, spine, liver, pancreas, and kidney.

Benefits of CyberKnife® include:

  • No incisions
  • No pain
  • No required anesthesia
  • No recovery time—you may return to work following treatment
  • No painful head frame bolted to skull
  • Pinpoint accuracy

Treatment can be completed in one to five sessions, which allows patients to quickly return to daily activities.

How Does It Work?

The CyberKnife® uses image-guided robotics to precisely target and destroy tumors and other lesions with multiple beams of radiation. Each individual beam is not sufficient to cause harm, but the cumulative effect of all the beams at the target results in the lesion receiving a very high dose of radiation with extreme accuracy – protecting and retaining the healthy tissue surrounding it.

The CyberKnife® combines two leading technologies that allow for optimal treatment:

  • Intelligent Robotics: Mounted on a multi-jointed robotic arm, allowing for more flexible delivery, radiation can reach areas of the body that are untreatable with other, more limited radiosurgery systems.
  • Image Guidance: Utilizing X-ray machines that take computerized images throughout the procedure, the CyberKnife® is able to correct for small movements during treatment.

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