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Cancer Treatments Built Around You.

Experience personalized care and access to groundbreaking clinical trials at the Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center

The leading, board-certified oncologists with the Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center (DLDCCC) care for patients through the full continuum of care, from prevention and screening to cancer treatments to survivorship. Our physicians provide compassionate, personalized care throughout St. Luke’s Health’s integrated network. No matter where you live or which location you choose, you can trust that we will provide the same patient-centered, high-quality care, and cancer treatment plans, built around you.

St. Luke’s Health is committed to advancing oncology treatment to help our communities grow healthier and stronger. Our expertise and commitment to excellence and the power of humankindness allow us to care for patients with some of the most complex conditions. 

Caring for you through every stage

Our nationally recognized Oncology program is anchored by Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center, our quaternary academic hospital, and the clinical home of the DLDCCC at Baylor College of Medicine.  Our cancer center is one of only three National Cancer Institute (NCI) designated cancer centers in Texas and is also recognized by US News and World Report among the best cancer programs in the nation.

Pioneering cancer research with our partners

Through our partnership with Baylor College of Medicine, patients from across Texas and the country have access to one of the largest clinical genetics programs in the nation. This research allows us to analyze the genetic makeup of patients to identify their risk of developing specific types of cancer, take preventative measures to stop cancers from developing, prevent their onset, and, in some cases, create custom precision treatments. 

Our research, clinical excellence, and leading specialists enable us to achieve more life-changing breakthroughs, discover more methods of prevention, and save more lives than ever before. To learn more about our partner, go to

Cancer services, treatments and therapies we offer

Our specialized teams develop custom treatment plans for every patient. These plans often include more than one type of therapy. 

Pain management for cancer patients

Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center recognizes that every patient has the right to have his or her pain effectively managed. The Pain Management Program is an interdisciplinary program focused on providing support to patients in pain and their families. The team effort is led by Advanced Practice Nurses (APRNs). Each member of the team has an active role in assisting patients and their families in understanding and coping with the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of pain.

Frequently asked questions

An oncologist is a physician who treats cancer and provides medical care for someone with a cancer diagnosis. Oncologists treat all types of cancer, from breast to pancreatic, and may specialize in caring for an organ-specific cancer or a particular treatment type, like chemotherapy.

Your primary care physician might recommend you see an oncologist about a certain change in your body after running preliminary tests to rule out any other illnesses. 

  • Medical oncologist: treats cancer using medication chemotherapy, hormonal therapies, immunotherapy, and other targeted treatments.
  • Radiation oncologist: use radiation therapy that’s tailored to your specific cancer.
  • Surgical oncologist: does the surgery to remove cancer that hasn’t spread.

Typically, in your first visit with an oncologist, they will go over your specific cancer type and discuss which treatment options best fit your diagnosis.

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U.S. News & World Report

Home of the Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center, one of only three NCI-Designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers in Texas, U.S. News & World Report has accredited Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center as one of the best hospitals for several specialties, including previous accreditation for compassionate patient-centered cancer care.