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A male jogger takes steps to live a healthy lifestyle after undergoing weight-loss surgery.

Weight lost. Hope gained.

Caring for your mind, body and spirit

St. Luke’s Health is committed to advancing Bariatric medicine while helping our communities grow healthier and stronger. Our expertise and our belief in the power of humankindness allows us to care for patients with some of the most complex conditions. 

Our experienced board-certified Bariatric surgeons serve patients throughout our health system. No matter where you live or which location you choose, you can trust that we will provide the same patient-centered standards of quality care to everyone


According to our philosophy, weight loss procedures are the start of a new life. Obesity can keep you from doing what you enjoy. No matter where you are in terms of personal milestones—starting a family, excelling in your career, or enjoying retirement—surgical and non-surgical bariatric options can greatly enhance your quality of life.

Bariatric procedures have proven successful for decades, and for many, the benefits far offset the risks. It is important to select a surgeon with experience in all specialized procedures, including non-surgical options, to find what is best for you. Our team is comprised of experienced surgeons who are recognized for their accomplishments in the field.

You should consider your lifestyle, health, and existing conditions. Together, we can carefully evaluate circumstances to determine the best options for you. Read our patient testimonials for firsthand insights of people from a variety of backgrounds who decided a bariatric procedure was right for them.

Success rate, insurance qualification, surgery eligibility, and payment are important when making a decision. Given the complexity of these factors, we should discuss the options together. Attend one of our informational seminars at St. Luke’s Health–The Woodlands Hospital, St. Luke's Health - Sugar Land Hospital, St. Luke’s Health–Patients Medical Center in Pasadena, or Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center. By taking the initial step, you are moving closer toward a life without limits.

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Looking for a doctor? Perform a quick search by name or browse by specialty.

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U.S News & World Report has recognized Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center as one of the best hospitals for several specialties.