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Bariatric surgery patient goes for a run after weight loss procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bariatric Surgery

Jan 20, 2021

Bariatric surgery refers to procedures that involve making changes to your digestive system to help you lose weight. There are a variety of weight loss procedures, including: Gastric Bypass Surgery Gastric Sleeve Gastric Band Surgery Gastric Balloons Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty Weight loss...

Weight Loss
A graphic featuring the number 2021 written with face masks and COVID-19 vaccines.

What We’ve Learned About COVID-19 a Year Later

Jan 20, 2021

Nearly a year after the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 to be a global pandemic, we have been hearing more hopeful news as governments have begun distributing vaccines to certain priority groups, including healthcare providers, first responders and at-risk individuals,including those...

Coronavirus (COVID-19)
COVID-19 Vaccine
Bariatric surgery patient is happy with the results of her weight loss surgery.

8 Benefits of Bariatric Surgery Besides Weight Loss

Jan 18, 2021

When it comes to the benefits of bariatric surgery, there’s more than meets the eye! We asked Dr. Yong Choi and Dr. James Dickerson, bariatric surgeons at the Weight Loss & Metabolic Institute at The Woodlands Hospital, to share the most common benefits their patients experience after a weight...

Weight Loss
A provider educates a patient couple on the Creighton Method and their options

The Creighton Model: A Game-Changer in Natural Family Planning

Jan 15, 2021

The Creighton Model FertilityCare System (CrMS) is a natural family planning method that identifies the fertile period during a woman’s menstrual cycle. First used in 1980, the Creighton Model has been commonly utilized to both avoid and achieve pregnancy, becoming a great tool for fertility and...

Maternity and Women’s Health
Women's Health
Woman establishes good habits as part of her daily routine with a positive mindset.

The Secret To Building Good Habits That Last

Jan 13, 2021

Our daily lives are filled with habits, good ones and bad ones. Think about what time you usually wake up, how you get ready for your day, what you eat, how you work, or how you spend your free time. From here, you can identify patterns. When we look at these patterns, we might see actions we like...

General Health & Wellness
Resolutions - Body
Resolutions - Mind
Resolutions - Spirit
New Year’s resolutions are set with a positive, optimistic mindset.

How To Reframe Your New Year’s Resolution With Self-Compassion

Jan 08, 2021

There’s a lot of excitement that comes with setting New Year’s resolutions. Taking a chance to improve certain aspects of our lives gives many people hope and motivation at the start of the year. You’re probably familiar with the most common New Year’s resolutions: Get in shape Eat healthier Save...

General Health & Wellness
Woman improves her overall health and wellness by maintaining and paying attention to her thyroid health.

How the Thyroid Affects Every Part of Your Body

Jan 07, 2021

The thyroid is a gland that sits on the front of your neck, just below your Adam’s apple. And while it’s only two inches long, it can control many of your body’s essential functions. Thyroid hormones are used throughout your body, affecting a wide range of activities, including metabolism, growth...

General Health & Wellness
Several doses of the COVID-19 vaccine sit on a counter.

COVID-19 Vaccine: Myths vs. Facts

Jan 05, 2021

The successful testing and now distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines have been perhaps the most hopeful developments since the initial spread of the virus. But with this optimistic news comes a lot of chatter, both from qualified and unqualified sources. You've likely seen many posts about it on...

Coronavirus (COVID-19)
COVID-19 Vaccine
The Smart Health Podcast

FAQs About the COVID-19 Vaccine | The Smart Health Podcast

Jan 04, 2021

In the latest episode of The Smart Health Podcast, Kevin Keys interviewed three of our doctors about the COVID-19 vaccines. Our all-star panel includes: Dr. Syed Raza, Internal Medicine Physician, VP of Medical Operations at St. Luke’s Health–The Woodlands Hospital Dr. Charles Sims, Infectious...

The Smart Health Podcast
Coronavirus (COVID-19)
COVID-19 Vaccine
Young child plays with safe toys his parents gave him for Christmas

9 Toys To Avoid Giving This Year for the Holidays

Dec 15, 2020

As we approach the holidays, we welcome a season of giving. Choosing toys that are considered safe for your children should be a priority as you check off your gift list. Our Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Group pediatricians provide tips about toys that are not safe to give this season. 1. Spinning,...

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