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Lunch with Lawson (Podcast Episode 1): What does excellence in health care mean?

January 26, 2022 Posted in: Podcasts , Blogs , English
Doug Lawson, PhD, serves as CEO of St. Luke's Health. Learn more about his leadership experience by viewing his full bio.

Fiscal responsibility, technology, patient safety: these are all standards of excellence that guide St. Luke’s Health in its mission to provide the best possible care to every individual in the communities we serve.

Yet, how in our daily work—from our front-line care providers to our executive leadership, from our administrators to our support staff—do we uphold the ideals of delivering high-value, high-quality care to our patients?

Join Host of Lunch with Lawson Kevin Keys in conversation with St. Luke’s Health CEO Doug Lawson, Ph.D. in this first episode of our “Lunch with Lawson” miniseries podcast.

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