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A cardiologist holds a stethoscope to check her patient's heart rate and rhythm.

Renowned cardiac care in Houston and East Texas

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Bringing compassionate heart care to you

St. Luke’s Health is committed to advancing cardiology and heart surgery while helping our communities grow healthier and stronger. Our expertise and our belief in the power of humankindness allow us to care for patients with some of the most complex conditions.

Our experienced board-certified cardiologists and cardiac surgeons serve patients throughout our health system. No matter where you live or which location you choose, you can trust that we will provide the same patient-centered standards of quality care to everyone.


Advancing cardiovascular care through our partnerships

Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center, together with Baylor College of Medicine—one of the top medical schools in the country—has an unparalleled level of research capabilities and collaboration that paves the way for even more revolutionary discoveries. Additionally, U.S. News & World Report recently recognized Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center as one of the best hospitals in the country for cardiology and heart surgery.  

From the first implantation of an artificial heart in a human to treating even the most complex conditions, Baylor St. Luke’s has a history of providing hope to patients from all over the world.  Through our research and clinical excellence, we are able to achieve more life-changing breakthroughs, discover more methods of prevention, and save more lives than ever before.


Cardiovascular conditions we treat:

At St. Luke's Health, our expert cardiologists are trained to provide you with the care you need. We treat a variety of heart conditions, including:


Procedures and imaging capabilities we offer:

We strive to bring the latest technology and capabilities to the Greater Houston communities. Our team offers innovative procedures and state-of-the-art imaging capabilities, like: 

Find a Doctor

Looking for a doctor? Perform a quick search by name or browse by specialty.

10-year ASCVD risk estimator

This assessment uses your demographics, medical information, and family history to calculate your risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Get your results, and speak with your physician for more information.

U.S. News & World Report

U.S News & World Report has recognized Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center as one of the best hospitals for several specialties.


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