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3 Key Components of Workplace Safety

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Is safety a priority at your workplace? Safety guidelines are beneficial for both employees and employers. Establishing best practices for injury prevention can help protect workers from serious accidents. For business owners, reducing injuries helps reduce business costs, foster employee well-being, and improve the work environment. To create a culture of workplace safety, focus on the following three areas: ergonomics, fatigue, and fall prevention.

1. Ergonomics

Do you spend your days sitting in a chair at your computer? If so, understanding ergonomics is critical for your health. Musculoskeletal disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome and injuries to the neck, shoulder, and back affect a wide population range. Adjust your chair ergonomically for your lower back, arms, and feet. If your job requires any lifting, follow the National Safety Council’s lifting do’s and don’ts.

2. Fatigue

Extreme tiredness, or fatigue, can slow reaction times and lead to more errors and decreased cognitive ability at work. If you find yourself yawning, dozing off, or having trouble concentrating, you could be fatigued and need time to rest. To manage risks for fatigue, employers can make employees’ schedules consistent and create settings for naps or frequent breaks.

3. Fall Prevention

Slipping, tripping, or falling can lead to life-altering injuries. To keep your workplace safe, eliminate tripping hazards and make sure protocol is in place to clean up spills and leaks. If you use ladders at work, consider taking the American Ladder Institute’s Ladder Safety Training. If you see hazards like spills or unsafe ladder use, say something and take initiative to protect others.

If you’re experiencing fatigue or a job-related injury, take time off work to recover. Can't afford to take a day off? In the event of an emergency, St. Luke’s Health emergency department can get you on your feet and out the door without the long wait.

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