5 Ways to Support Your Community During the COVID-19 Outbreak

5 Ways to Support Your Community During the COVID-19 Outbreak

This blog was posted on March 31st. Because the situation surrounding COVID-19 is constantly evolving, some information may not be up to date. Stay informed by following information from your local officials and by visiting the CDC website.

It’s ironic. During this time, the very thing we instinctively want to do is be close to one another. Instead, our new reality is filled with social distancing reminders and shelter-in-place orders.

Right now, what we can’t lose sight of is the fact that there are people all around us who need our assistance. In fact, the new mantra could be, “Don’t let the importance of physical distance create social distance.”

To that end, here are five simple things we can all do — none too difficult or time-consuming — but together, they can make a real difference in our communities.

1. Support Community Food Banks
It might sound a little odd, but a gift of money is better than a food donation. Money gives food banks a choice over what they buy and when. And that means a lot when it comes to restocking their shelves and what they can offer.

2. Help Those Who Are High-Risk
Your higher-risk neighbors may need a hand. If you are healthy and believe you’re in a lower-risk group, offer to help them pick up groceries or a prescription. They may also welcome tips to stay connected with their loved ones, so suggest a few apps or programs they can use to connect with their loved ones.

3. Be in Contact With One Another (Not Physically)
By its definition, ‘quarantine’ is isolating. Right now is the time to think through with whom you need to stay in touch, when, and how frequently. It just requires a little planning. For example, think through what you would normally do. If you go to church on Sunday, find out if they are offering online services. Or if you have a girls’ night, consider moving it online through Google Hangouts or Houseparty so you can still get all the girl talk in!

4. Stay Informed With Local Resources
The emphasis here is on local. Start by reaching out to the people in the neighborhood and community leadership. Connect with your local health and sheriff departments by following them on Twitter and Facebook or signing up for their email updates. This way you’ll be able to stay up to date on your community. We can help too! Bookmark our COVID-19 Information Hub for our latest updates.

5. Fill Your Pantry, But Buy Only What You Need
The fact is, hoarding is hoarding. If you have a month’s supply of essential food, medications, and household basics, that’s all you need — so there’s no need to panic-buy. Check out our guide to getting groceries (without getting anything else).

There it is, five simple recommendations. It’s not only worth thinking about them; it’s worth putting them into practice — because right now, each other is the most important thing we have.

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