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How Colorful Foods Can Improve Your Health

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You’ve probably heard once or twice that you should eat the rainbow, but is there really a benefit to having a colorful plate? Other than just making your meal more aesthetically pleasing, a wide variety of hues on your plate can help you consume natural sources of several antioxidants, all of which perform different functions in the body. Check out how you can truly benefit from an Instagram-worthy dish. 

What Are Phytonutrients, and Why Do They Matter? 

Fruits and vegetables get their vibrant hues from a variety of phytonutrients, which are naturally occurring chemicals that offer many benefits for the body. They act as antioxidants, eliminating free radicals that could otherwise damage cells. There are various types of phytonutrients, such as carotenoids, flavonoids, and more, and it’s important to consume a balanced diet rich in all types. 

Foods and Their Colorful Nutrients 

An infographic shows the fruits and vegetables divided by color and tells about their health benefits.

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