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Your Way to Wellness

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St. Luke’s Health is dedicated to a mission of healing mind, body, and spirit. Aspiring to create healthier communities, we encourage you to take a proactive approach to your wellbeing. Improve your overall wellness by focusing on how you can improve each area.


Physical wellness is all about keeping your body healthy. Feel best by engaging in healthy behaviors, exercising regularly, and eating a well-rounded diet. When your physical wellness worsens due to illness or injury, it can impact all areas of wellness. It’s essential to receive the proper care to get back on track toward a healthier lifestyle.

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Emotional wellness centers around your feelings and mental health. When this area is affected, it can be difficult to focus on other areas of your life. Pay attention to whether your recurring thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are positive or negative. If you experience suicidal thoughts, know that there is hope and help available.

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Social wellness is about being part of a supportive community. A strong social network has been shown to increase your physical and emotional health. Surround yourself with people committed to your wellbeing, and avoid those who encourage unhealthy behaviors.

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Spiritual wellness is characterized by a sense of purpose in life. As a member of Catholic Health Initiatives, we exemplify our beliefs through the care we provide to our patients. Our healing mission emphasizes compassion for people of all religions and backgrounds, and we welcome everyone to use our resources to achieve spiritual wellness.

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Environmental wellness focuses on your surroundings. It’s important to live in an atmosphere that cultivates your personal wellbeing. This pertains not only to your location but also to what you surround yourself with.

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Occupational wellness is about achieving fulfillment from your work. Are you happy with the type of work you do? Even if you don’t have a specific job or an employer, you should enjoy your life’s role and the contribution you offer to your family or society.

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Intellectual wellness focuses on cognitive health. Stimulating your mind by learning a new skill or reading a technical article keeps your thinking sharp. Give your brain a workout by practicing mindfulness and challenging your intellect.

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Financial wellness is feeling secure about your present and future financial positions. Providing for yourself and your loved ones is important. Spend and save money wisely to enhance you and your family's wellness.

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St. Luke’s HealthBaylor St. Luke’s Medical Group, and Baylor St. Luke’s Emergency Centers wish you happiness and health in your journey to wellness.


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