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Halloween-themed snacks sit on a table.

5 Spooktacularly Healthy Halloween Snacks

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Halloween is right around the corner, which means it’s time to pull out the spooky decorations and creepy costumes. Unfortunately, this holiday can also bring an excessive amount of added sugar, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We’re sharing our favorite healthy recipes that will have your little ghouls screaming in delight!

1. Monster Smiles


  • Apple slices, about ½ inch thick
  • Smooth peanut butter
  • Mini marshmallows

Put a smile on your little monster’s face with these sweet treats. Spread peanut butter on only one side of each apple slice, and then press two pieces together at an angle. Add five mini marshmallow teeth in between, and apply gentle pressure to make sure everything sticks together.

Apple slices are covered in peanut butter and filled with mini marshmallows to look like a monster's smile.

2. Worms & Dirt


  • Low-fat chocolate Greek yogurt
  • Granola tossed with cocoa powder
  • Sugar-free gummy worms

While you typically want to discourage your little goblin from eating worms, this dessert is both parent- and kid-approved! In small cups, spoon generous amounts of low-fat chocolate Greek yogurt, then top with the cocoa granola, and stick a couple of gummy worms in so they dangle out.

A cup is filled with chocolate Greek yogurt and topped with chocolate granola and gummy worms.

3. BOOnanas


Helping your child add potassium in their diet has never been spookier! Carefully remove bananas from their peels. Slice them in half, and gently press the chocolate chips into each banana to be the ghost’s mouth and eyes.

Bananas have chocolate chip faces that make them look like ghosts.

4. Frankenstein’s Toast


  • Whole-grain bread
  • Avocado, mashed and mixed with a squeeze of lemon juice
  • Thin radish slices (or substitute slices of hard boiled eggs)
  • Black olives
  • Red bell pepper, thinly sliced

Halloween treats don’t have to be sweet! Toast your bread, and then spread a thick layer of the avocado mixture all over. Place two radish slices where your monster’s eyes will be, then put two olive rounds on top. Add a small sliver of red bell pepper underneath. Cut additional olives into quarters, and place them along the hairline. Finally, make a scar on the monster’s forehead with thin strips of olive.

Toast has a Frankenstein face made out of food.

5. Mini Pumpkins


  • Clementines, peeled
  • Celery, cut into 1-inch pieces

While these pumpkins don’t have a wicked grin, they still make a tasty and nutritious snack! Gently slice the top of the clementine to make a small hole, and place the celery in to become the stem. Feel free to leave a leaf or two on the celery for an extra touch.

Celery stems are added to clementines to make them look like pumpkins.

We understand that having a safe and fun Halloween is on the top of your to-do list, and we’re here to help. Whether you’re looking for additional health advice or you’re concerned about your child’s dietary restrictions or food allergy, schedule an appointment with your Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Group primary care physician or pediatrician. Our team can help you have a safe and spooky season!

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