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Fun Ways to Encourage Kids to Be Germ-Free

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Let’s face it: young kids can be messy. But teaching them healthy behaviors doesn’t have to be a chore! Check out these four ways to help your child stay germ-free.

Suds & Spice & Everything Nice

Fill a small bowl with water and shake some pepper or cinnamon into it. The particles should float on top. Next, have your little one scrub up with some soap and water, but don’t rinse it off. Instead, tell them to dip their finger into the bowl and see how the spices float away. Share the importance of using soap and water often to keep germs away.

Fun Ways to Encourage Kids to Be Germ-Free Artboard 1

Paint Your Hands Red

Squirt some non-toxic tempera paint into your child’s hands and instruct them to rub their hands like they’re lathering up with soap. Once complete, inspect their hands for any patches of skin that aren’t covered in paint. Show them which parts of their hands they should be more thorough about washing and have them practice their new skill by washing their hands with soap and water to get the paint off.

Fun Ways to Encourage Kids to Be Germ-Free Artboard 2

Cough and Sneeze Like Dracula

There’s nothing more fun than role playing with the little ones. Encourage your kids to imitate dracula and pretend like they’re holding their cloak in front of their body whenever they have to sneeze or cough. Tell them to cough into their elbow to keep germs off of their fingers.

Fun Ways to Encourage Kids to Be Germ-Free Artboard 3

Say Hello in Style

Tell your little ones that high-fives are so last year and show them the cool new way to greet their friends. Try elbow bumps, tapping toes, waving, or giving a thumbs up. You can even get creative and make up your own non-contact greeting together! The possibilities are endless.

Fun Ways to Encourage Kids to Be Germ-Free Artboard 4

For more tips and tricks to keep your kids healthy and disease-free, schedule a virtual visit with your Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Group primary care physician or pediatrician. Our dedicated team can provide easy-to-follow advice for helping your child achieve better health.

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