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It’s a Good Time for Some Good News

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In the midst of self-isolation and the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be difficult to find the positive things about this situation. But there are moments of kindness, medical advancements, and natural wonders that are still happening beyond our front doors. Take a moment to catch up on some good news that’s helping us stay focused and hopeful.

Matthew McConaughey Played Bingo With Quarantined Seniors

The Oscar-winning Texan hosted virtual bingo with a quarantined senior living facility in Round Rock, Texas. Several residents invited McConaughey to host by quoting a line from one of his movies, saying, "you'd be a whole lot cooler if you did." He made good on that promise while practicing social distancing this week.

COVID-19’s Oldest Survivor Celebrated His 104th Birthday

He’s lived through the 1918 flu, the Great War, and served in World War II. COVID-19 didn’t stand a chance at taking down 104-year-old Bill Lapschies, who celebrated his birthday earlier this month.

Baylor College of Medicine at the Forefront of COVID-19 Research

Right here in Houston, Baylor College of Medicine is enrolling patients for a trial to test the effectiveness of novel therapeutic agents on the virus that causes COVID-19. Additionally, Baylor College of Medicine and the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center have teamed up to procure COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma from appropriate donors and provide it to the most critically ill patients with COVID-19 infection as part of a transfusion study.

Stay At Home Orders Give Unintended Insight Into Controlling Pollution

As an estimated two billion people are staying at home right now, there is a drastic drop in nitrogen oxide emissions, and generally cleaner air and clearer water. Scientists who study air quality are getting a great deal of insight about heat-trapping greenhouse gases from studying these changes.

Westheimer Construction Is Speeding Along

Road construction is a fact of life in Houston, with projects often taking years or decades to reach completion. But decreased traffic has helped TxDOT create a new schedule that completes the paving of Westheimer Road, also called FM 1092, at a much faster pace.

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