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How to Care for a Loved One With COVID-19

How to Care for a Loved One With COVID-19

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This blog was posted on March 27th. Because the situation surrounding COVID-19 is constantly evolving, some information may not be up to date. Stay informed by following information from your local officials and by visiting the CDC website.

If a loved one tests positive for COVID-19, you might be wondering what to do next and how to maintain your health. We have gathered 10 essential tips to help you stay safe while caring for others.

How to Care for a Loved One With COVID-19 Infographic

What Kind of Mask Should You Wear?

Avoid using N95 masks, as healthcare professionals need these. You can buy basic masks, like dust masks, or utilize some household items to make your own. There are numerous sewing patterns you can use and even a no-sew option for those without a sewing machine at home. Learn more about making your own mask here.

When Can People Stop Self-Isolating?

If you begin to notice symptoms, you should self-isolate as well. People with COVID-19 can stop self-isolating when they meet all three of the following conditions:

  • They have spoken to their primary care physician and gotten the go-ahead to stop self-isolating.
  • Their symptoms of COVID-19 improved (cough, shortness of breath).
  • At least seven days have passed since they first noticed symptoms.

Find a Doctor

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