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Nurses Are Valued at St. Luke’s Health

By Veronica Martin, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, Division Senior Vice President and Chief Nurse Executive, St. Luke’s Health

July 17, 2023 Posted in: Leadership

Patients in the hospital know excellent nursing care makes all the difference, and physicians understand that having a team of expert nurses is necessary to do their job. But the staffing squeeze of the pandemic and “great resignation” has caused many nurses to wonder whether health leaders see their value. 

A common topic of conversation these days is whether administrators know exactly how much nurses accomplish. At St. Luke’s Health, the answer is yes, we do know, and leadership celebrates our nurses’ daily work.

St. Luke’s Health Is a Great Place to Be a Nurse

I’ve been a nurse for more than 30 years, and the professional practice of nursing is living and breathing every day within St. Luke’s Health. If you were to come work with us, you’d be coming into a sense of family—a family that’s vested in you.

One of the benefits of nursing at SLH is that you have an opportunity to work with a variety of individuals who bring their individual skills, talents and clinical expertise to the bedside every day. You get to work side by side with some of the best nurses in Texas. You also work with world-class physicians, pharmacists, technicians and other talented members of the care team. 

Another benefit of working as a nurse at SLH is the opportunity to work with a diverse group of individuals. We have a nursing team that is reflective of the patients and communities we serve. Plus, you have the chance to leverage the scale of SLH and its multiple locations. Our nurses are exposed to hundreds of team members with a wealth of knowledge and experience. This allows for opportunities to tap into one another’s strengths and skills. 

Rewarding Job, Fulfilling Mission

One reason so many nurses love working for us is our faith-based mission and dedication to lovingkindness. SLH gives you an opportunity to bring your complete self to work. We believe in honoring and respecting the value that religion can bring to care—whatever religion that may be for you. Sharing our faith-centered purpose and mission is real and evident in everything we do each day. 

Our core values—compassion, inclusion, integrity, excellence and collaboration—ensure that we practice a healing ministry while working to create healthier communities. Every day we lead with passion, purpose and lovingkindness. 

Committed to the Professional Practice of Nursing

Our leadership teams are and accountable to the team members they lead. SLH has shared governance councils and structures in place. Shared governance means staff members have input into their practices every day. We also have opportunities for staff to be involved in shared decision-making at the department level in which they work. That means each team member has a voice in clinical practice. At SLH, you will be heard, and you can flourish every day in that space. What you think and know matters. 

Another one of the unique things SLH offers is a differentiated practice model. This is a way for you to grow in your career as your clinical competency continues to develop. We utilize this practice model to honor the work you do at the bedside.

A Great Career Move

SLH is a learning environment. How you grow and evolve and develop as a nurse leader is extremely important to us. 

We offer a wide range of educational and workplace development opportunities, including tuition reimbursement for additional education, and access to training and classes that support a nurse’s growth and development. You’ll have access to many different career pathways as you continue to grow and evolve as a professional nurse. 

Our nurses also enjoy opportunities to learn and grow in the community in which they work. We support nurses or recognize nurses for their outreach activities, as well as the work that they’re doing in the communities they serve. 

Leverage Your Strengths From Day One

SLH is an organization committed to purpose and helping those in need. We truly care about our team members and have created a process that allows nurses to understand the mission, vision and value. Once you start at SLH, you’ll use our new onboarding system. This system gives you an opportunity to leverage the strengths that you bring to the organization and learn new practices, policies and procedures. In addition, you will have opportunities to adopt some of the expectations we have to deliver high-quality care.

Inspired by faith, driven by innovation and powered by humanity, SLH envisions a healthier future for all. Our nurses are at the core of that mission. If you’re looking for a caring place to care for patients’ body, mind and spirit, SLH is looking for you.

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