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A Mother’s Diagnosis Inspires Daughter to Specialize in Breast Cancer Care

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Being diagnosed with cancer and receiving treatment can be a frightening experience for everyone involved. That’s why it’s important to have an oncologist who can relate to what cancer patients and their families are going through.

Dr. Angela Coscio, oncologist at the Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center in The Woodlands, witnessed her mother’s struggle with breast cancer, and this experience inspired her to specialize in oncology.

Coscio’s Experience Adds a Personal Touch to Patient Care

Dr. Coscio’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer while she was completing her residency. This diagnosis laid the foundation of her pursuit to specialize in breast cancer care. 

During cancer treatment, patients typically see their doctor every two to three weeks. And in between these visits, patients often experience some of their hardest times. Dr. Coscio made sure to call and visit with her mom every day over the course of treatment. 

Since she witnessed every moment of her mother’s struggle, she understands what her patients are going through, and she leverages this experience to help reduce the impact of tough times during their road to recovery. 

Dr. Coscio Builds Lifetime Relationships With Her Patients

Coscio loves learning about her patients and getting to know them throughout their treatment. She gets to help “people through some of the hardest, scariest times in their life,” and later gets to “talk and laugh with them about the new joys in their life and how the scary times are in the past. Knowing that when I meet someone, I’ll get to see them for years and have those fun, exciting visits is the best part of my job,” says Coscio.

All-Female Team of Physicians Delivers Exceptional Care

As a team of breast cancer physicians in North Houston, the team at the Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center at St. Luke’s Health–The Woodlands Hospital delivers personalized care that goes beyond diagnosis and treatment. 

From hair loss to cosmetic changes, Coscio and her colleagues help women understand what to expect from treatment, make sure they’re prepared for any complications, and reduce the impact of those issues on their daily lives.

A Variety of Cancer Treatment Options Under One Roof

The Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center at The Woodlands Hospital offers access to oncologists, radiation treatments, surgeons, and more at one convenient location. In addition, patients have the opportunity to participate in clinical trials and access new treatments that may not normally be available.

Multidisciplinary teams meet and communicate regularly to coordinate care, and patients are treated by a team that specializes in their cancer. For example, people with breast cancer are treated by a group of doctors who focus entirely on breast cancer treatment. 

For more information, schedule a breast cancer screening at the Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center at The Woodlands Hospital, a NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center.

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