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3 Reasons You Should Go on a Hospital Tour

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Reason #1: Find out if it’s really the place where you want to deliver

Sure, the pictures of the facility look great on the website, but you may find that it’s not all you hoped for. Seeing the current condition of the facility through a hospital tour will give you an idea of the cleanliness and atmosphere of the place where you will welcome the newest member of your family into the world. You will most likely be taking tons of pictures on your birth day, so make sure this is the perfect place for the lasting memories.

Reason #2: Pre-registration

If you decide that this facility is where you want to deliver, you may have the chance to pre-register and get all the paperwork done and out of the way of the big day. Our Nurse Navigator at the Family Birthing Center is your personal search engine to help you navigate your hospital experience. She will help you with all of your paperwork so you can have a stress-free stay. 

Reason #3: You’ll be prepared

By going on a hospital tour, you will know exactly what to expect. You will get to see what the delivery rooms look like and get all your questions answered. You may even meet members of your care team. You can find out which entrance to use and exactly where you need to go so you won’t have to ask for directions when you’re in labor. Ultimately, you’ll feel more comfortable and prepared.

Questions You Need To Ask

  1. What medical services do you offer?
  2. What amenities does your facility offer?
  3. What can I expect when giving birth here?
  4. Who will be a part of my patient care team?
  5. Will I get to stay with my baby the whole time after delivery?
  6. Do you offer breastfeeding support?
  7. Can my partner stay with me overnight?
  8. What are your rules regarding visitors?

Schedule a tour of one of our Family Birthing Centers, located in Sugar Land, The Woodlands, and The Vintage areas. We wish every mother and baby a healthy and happy birth day.



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