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3 Remedies to Ease Morning Sickness

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Pregnant and feeling queasy? You’re not alone—more than 50 percent of pregnant women experience nausea known as morning sickness. An early sign of pregnancy, morning sickness typically begins during the first trimester and can last for weeks. While nausea is normal, it can be uncomfortable. Try these three remedies to lessen your distress.

1. B6 Before You Feel Sick

If your nausea is impacting your daily life, talk with your doctor about adding a vitamin B6 supplement to your diet. Vitamin B6 can help alleviate symptoms of nausea during pregnancy. It also supports the development of a healthy brain and nervous system, making it a win-win for a queasy mom-to-be.

2. Eat Intuitively

Don’t let “the perfect pregnancy diet” influence your food choices during this finicky time. Stick to foods that keep your stomach feeling settled. Avoid eating, or even smelling, the foods that make you feel sick. A varied diet will be tolerated later on in the pregnancy, so for now, listen to your cravings and eat what tastes good. It’s also important to focus on hydration, so if you don’t feel like eating, consider sipping water, especially if you’re losing liquids.

3. Let Ginger and Lemon Aid

Ginger is a natural remedy for an upset stomach. When paired with fresh lemons, this dynamic duo can greatly reduce nausea and vomiting. Start to incorporate real ginger and lemons into your diet with foods like ginger snaps or lemonade. Or, try making your own homemade tea blend using fresh ginger and lemon slices. Sometimes even the smell of ginger and lemon can work wonders in quelling your queasiness.

If your nausea is severe or you’re unable to keep food down, visit your OB/GYN as soon as possible. Do not take any medication without the approval of your doctor. For quality prenatal care throughout your pregnancy, find a Baylor St. Luke's Medical Group OB/GYN and visit one of our Family Birthing Centers to start planning your birth experience.

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