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physician discussing treatment options with patient

Recently diagnosed? We’re always here for you.

A cancer diagnosis turns a person’s world upside down. It’s scary, confusing and complicated. We can turn it around, with experienced, expert, compassionate care that provides you with personalized treatment and clarity in choosing the best course of action for your specific diagnosis. 

Among the many advantages in choosing care from the Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center, you will be receiving from our cancer care team:

  • highly trained, leading specialists in cancer

  • the best, most advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment

  • comprehensive care that in addition to treatment includes psychosocial support, pain management, and continuing care and support after your treatment ends to help you maintain the highest quality of life possible

  • a team dedicated to helping you, your family and loved ones, and your caregivers understand what you’re going through, provide answers to your questions, and assist you in making the best choices for your needs and circumstances.

After Your Diagnosis: What Comes Next?

A cancer diagnosis can be life-changing. It can also be scary, overwhelming and confusing. After you’ve processed the information you’ve received from your doctor, follow these five steps to help navigate your new diagnosis:

Navigating a Diagnosis