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Epic OpTime Procedures and CPT Codes for Scheduling

Please click on a link below to open a list of all available procedures for that service in Epic OpTime.  Procedures on these lists may not be available for scheduling in all departments.

Cardiology [30]
CV Surgery [50]
Gastroenterology [100]
General Surgery [110]
Neurosurgery [190]
OB/Gyn [200]
Oncology [220]
Ophthalmology [230]
Oral/Maxillofacial [180]
Orthopaedic Surgery [250]
Orthopaedic Surgery - Hand [150]
Otolaryngology [255]
Pain Management [258]
Pediatric Surgery [315]
Plastics [340]
Podiatry [350]
Pulmonary Medicine [360]
Thoracic Surgery [380]
Transplantation [390]
Urology [410]
Vascular [420]

Requests to add new Operating Room procedures to Epic OPtime or issues regarding CPT code mapping should be submitted to [email protected]


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