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St. Luke’s Health-Memorial Volunteers Purchase Newborn Scale

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Finding out a newborn baby’s weight and height is one of the most anticipated moments after delivery. The St. Luke’s Health-Memorial Volunteer Auxiliary in Lufkin recently donated a newborn scale to the Henderson Women’s Center to make this moment happen even more quickly than before.

The Olympic Smart Scale Model 60 is designed for quick, accurate and safe weighing of active newborns.

“Now we can roll the scale into the delivery room, and shortly after delivery, we are able to weigh the infant,” said Daryl Morris, Nurse Manager for the St. Luke’s Health-Memorial Henderson Family Center. “As in the past, the baby stays with mom for an hour or two for bonding, and then the infant is brought to the nursery and weighed. This scale will help deliver the most anticipated and debated information quickly to parents.”

The $4,500 scale was purchased with proceeds from the Volunteer Auxiliary’s annual fundraisers.

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