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Memorial Medical Center-Livingston Introduces New Cardiac Imaging System

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When a patient experiences chest pain or even a potential heart attack, time is of the essence – and getting the best image possible of the beating heart can make a difference in diagnosis and future treatment.

Physicians at Memorial Medical Center-Livingston now utilize the iE33 xMATRIX cardiac ultrasound system from Philips Healthcare, a system that delivers revolutionary performance while taking images of the heart.

The cardiac echo system views real-time images of the heart much like a sonogram of a newborn baby. The technician can view all components of the heart while also looking for potential blockage or damage. Due to its sleek design and highly moveable control panel patients can see exactly what the sonographer is viewing.

This new system provides clearer images with 2D and 3D capabilities which can facilitate a quicker, less costly diagnosis and treatment of heart disease.

“Ultrasound imaging is hugely beneficial because it is a relatively low cost and non-invasive way to look inside the body,” said Memorial Medical Center-Livingston Administrator David LeMonte. “With the new Philips system, we are acquiring an extremely high level of diagnostic information and can


The system also greatly benefits the ultrasound technicians by adapting to their needs, making workflow fast and easy, and performance of their job less physically taxing.

Early clinical use by physicians indicates that the iE33 xMATRIX echocardiography system has the potential to:

  • Streamline ultrasound exams
  • Help patients and their physicians visualize and understand their condition
  • Enhance diagnostic capability, thus reducing or potentially eliminating the need for more expensive or invasive tests and procedures
  • Provide clearer ultrasound images, especially in difficult-to-image patients
  • Assist with pre-surgical planning

Because it can be used in the most delicate conditions without major side effects, ultrasound has become one of the most popular diagnostic methods among both patients and physicians.

In the past year, Memorial Medical Center-Livingston has focused millions of dollars on high-tech imaging equipment to better serve the East Texas region.

Patients must have a doctor’s order to schedule a cardiac ultrasound, and then they can call the scheduling department at 936-329-8570.

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