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Memorial Outpatient Therapy Center Receives Paraffin Bath from Memorial Medical Center – Lufkin Volu

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Patients with arthritis, hand pathologies, upper extremity burns, some neurologically impaired hands and symptoms from post hand surgery can now benefit from a paraffin bath thanks to a generous donation from the Memorial Medical Center – Lufkin Volunteer Auxiliary to the Memorial Outpatient Therapy Center.  Sandy Kraemer, Occupational Therapist and Judy Kocar, Volunteer, demonstrate how the paraffin bath is used to help patients.  Also pictured are Gloria Gregory, Memorial Volunteer President; Desiree Flores, Registered Occupational Therapist; Jerry Kocar, Volunteer and Elisa Harris, Physical Therapist.  The patient will dip the specified extremity into the paraffin that is maintained at a therapeutically monitored temperature several times and then remove the extremity.  As the paraffin hardens, the extremity is wrapped in plastic and then in towels to help capture the heat.  The warmth helps increase blood flow to the hand area which improves healing, circulation, tissue pliability and possibly decrease pain symptoms.  The paraffin bath will allow the patient to experience a more effective therapy session while working with the therapist.

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