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Multiple Donations Made by St. Luke’s Health-Memorial Volunteer Auxiliary

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The patients at St. Luke’s Health-Memorial Lufkin are benefitting from the fundraising efforts of the Memorial Volunteer Auxiliary.  Money raised throughout the year in the Memorial Gift Shop and various fundraisers make it possible for the Volunteer Auxiliary to donate equipment to the hospital.

L&D Vitals Sign Monitor: The Memorial Volunteer Auxiliary recently donated a Vital Sign Monitor, worth more than $2,900, to the St. Luke’s Health-Henderson Family Center for Women and Children.  Volunteer Auxiliary President, Don Newland, along with Volunteers Doris Harkness and Barbara Shea present the monitor to Lori Wright, RN; Doris Harkness, Volunteer; Antonia Fleming, RN; Daryl Morris, RN; and Misti Lowe, RNC, Director of Henderson Family Center for Women and Children. 

CA1 Volunteer Donation:  The Volunteer Auxiliary donated two Vital Sign Monitors and an Otoscope/Ophthalmoscope Set, worth more than $6,700 combined, to the Calder 1 unit at St. Luke’s Health-Memorial Lufkin.  Volunteer Auxiliary President, Don Newland, and Volunteer Auxiliary Vice-President, Gloria Gregory, present the monitors and scopes to Renita Rowe, Physical Therapy Assistant; Rudy Segura, Occupational Therapist; Trayci Miller, Speech Pathologist; Myrh Go, Occupational Therapist; Markelia Morrison, CNA; Janet Knox, RN, Director of Calder 1; Beverly Hayes, RN; Miguel Cruz, Physical Therapist; Catherine Standerford, RN and Eric Menchaca, Supply Chain Inventory and Distribution Lead.

Day Surgery Donation:  The Day Surgery department at St. Luke’s Health-Memorial recently received a Prime Big Wheel Stretcher, worth over $10,000, as a donation from the Memorial Volunteer Auxiliary.  Volunteer Auxiliary President, Don Newland, along with Volunteers Jean Mizell and Barbara Shea present the stretcher to Benny Dominy, Purchasing Manager; Denita Criswell, RN; Natosha Sandul, RN; Tami Caldwell, RN; Debbie Volcik, RN; Melony Wilkerson, RN, Director of Ambulatory Services; Lauren Shoemaker, RN; Dr. Lo, Anesthesiologist and Paula McLeod, RN, Clinical Coordinator. 

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