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Orthopedic Surgery Puts Police Officer Back on the Streets

After developing a staph infection in his right knee, John Johnson made an appointment with his primary care physician. His doctor diagnosed him with a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his knee and advised him to see an orthopedic surgeon.

Initially putting off the appointment with an orthopedic surgeon because of his busy job as a police officer, John began to experience unusual symptoms as a result of his staph infection.

“My wife told me that I was hallucinating and lost control of my bodily functions,” John explained. “I don’t remember a lot of that.”

John’s wife brought him to see Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Group orthopedic surgeon Dr. Edward Roberts, who quickly determined that John did not have a torn ACL—but instead something far more serious. The bacteria from the staph infection had invaded his knee joint. Dr. Roberts rushed John to the hospital for immediate surgery.

John learned after his surgery that there were discussions about amputating a portion of his leg. “Dr. Roberts knew that I was a police officer and realized that if they removed my leg, my days as a police officer would be over,” John recalls. “So he wanted to make every effort to save it.”

John began physical therapy shortly after surgery. He was able to return to work soon after the surgery with full function of his right leg.

“Dr. Roberts saved not only my leg but my life,” says John. “And for that, I cannot express enough gratitude.”

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