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Woodlands North Houston Heart and Vein Center

A respected leader in cardiovascular medicine serving the North Houston and Montgomery County communities.

Housed in a modern state-of-the-art facility, you will find the Woodlands North Houston Heart Center combines caring physicians and staff with cutting-edge technological advances offered in only a select few centers in the United States. 

We provide a comprehensive array of services and expertise for the diagnosis and treatment of all manifestations of cardiac, vascular, and venous diseases. From the most advanced cardiovascular risk assessment laboratory and diagnostic tools available to the exciting state-of-the-art noninvasive CT coronary artery angiography, we focus on preventing a first heart attack or stroke, rather than just providing treatment once it happens. Our team is here to help patients achieve a full and vigorous life through disease prevention, and also with professional, thoughtful, and informed treatment of those with cardiovascular diseases or events.

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Gone are the days when a person with heart disease was just “lucky to be alive.” Our team provides high-quality services that help patients achieve a full and vigorous life.

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What sets us apart

The physicians at Woodlands North Houston Heart Center take great pride in the care we provide for our patients. Our doctors are dedicated to remaining at the forefront of cardiovascular disease management, a field of medicine that is constantly evolving. 

By simply applying evidence-based practice guidelines to everyday patient care, we are able to treat each patient as an individual and tailor care to the patient's specific needs. Over time, we have grown an organization of caring physicians and advanced practitioners that is available to all.

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Woodlands North Houston Heart and Vein Center offers the technology and expertise to go far beyond current standards of care in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular and vein diseases. If you need help treating symptoms or preventing symptoms from occurring, our experts are ready to serve your heart and vein care needs.