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Almost half a century ago a group of women put their collective minds together to formulate a mission that some would call impossible.  It would become known as the St. Luke’s Health-Memorial  Volunteer Auxiliary.  

Thousands of volunteer hours later coupled with over $2.1 million dollars in donations their legacy lives on and remains a vital part of St. Luke’s Health-Memorial Lufkin.  One hospital visitor described the volunteers as “love in motion.” Another likened them to “sunshine on a rainy day.”  The members of the Volunteer Auxiliary come from all walks of life but they all have one thing in common – answering the call to serve.  

They go about doing their assigned tasks dressed in their signature green vests always ready to help make the hospital a better place for everyone.  

“It gives me a purpose for getting up in the morning and coming to work.  I enjoy helping people.  Volunteering at St. Luke’s Health-Memorial is the place I want to be,” said Candy Wadsworth, president of the Volunteer Auxiliary.  It is after all a perfect fit.  Candy’s sister, Cindy, works as a nurse in ICU. And, Candy’s mother, Daisy Wadsworth, served as a hospital volunteer for 27 years.  She was president of the Volunteer Auxiliary seven of those years.  It was Daisy Wadsworth’s idea to bring the popcorn machine to St. Luke’s Health-Memorial.  The money from popcorn sales would be used to help fund scholarships for students seeking a career in the medical field.  She didn’t want money to prevent someone from going to school.  To date, proceeds from the popcorn sales have provided almost $400,000 in scholarships.  

Volunteers work a minimum of four hours a week providing assistance throughout the hospital from greeting guests and answering telephones to operating the Gift Shop and popping popcorn. “Our volunteers are such a valuable asset to our patients & hospital. All the behind the scenes work they do, all the great work assisting our patients with information & the day to day operations, both here in the gift shop & hospital wide, make our precious volunteers one of the best things we have going for us,” said Karen Hooks, manager of the Gift Shop. “I am grateful & blessed to have the honor to work with them.”  

Volunteers also help raise funds to purchase medical equipment for the hospital.  Their annual $5 Masquerade Jewelry Sale is so popular that they added a second event to be held May 6 – 8 at the hospital.


  • Free lunch or dinner in the Café on the day you work at the hospital
  • Free uniform furnished by the hospital
  • Free flu shot
  • Free mammogram for females under 65 (Hospital pays what insurance does not cover)
  • Free valet parking

Available Positions

  • Information Desks
  • Admitting/Discharge Office
  • Gift Shop
  • ICU Waiting Room
  • PCU Waiting Room
  • Cardiac Catheterization Waiting Room
  • Hospice in the Pines Inpatient Facility
  • Cancer Center
  • Outpatient Therapy Center
  • Emergency Department
  • Home Health Department
  • Popcorn Machine
  • Request for special areas can be considered   


  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Work 4 hours per week
  • Flexible hours
  • Wear the Auxiliary uniform
  • Pay $5 annual dues

Volunteers at St. Luke’s Health-Memorial work to make a difference.  Positions are available in our Lufkin and Livingston facilities.  This year we celebrate National Healthcare Volunteer Week during April 19-25.  Call 936-639-7237 to join the team.

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