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Healthcare Services

Biometric Screenings

With a few simple measurements, your employees can become aware of their health status and identify any potential disease risks. Biometric screenings provide real-time, vital health information in short, on-site appointments. Employees are provided with a full lipid panel as well as information on body composition, blood glucose, and blood pressure. At-risk employees are able to consult with a provider to identify next steps and possible interventions. In addition, our team provides aggregate reporting on your employee population’s outcomes with suggestions on programs and interventions to improve overall health outcomes.

Vaccine Clinics

Removing barriers to access improves compliance. By providing on-site vaccine clinics, our team can drive engagement and compliance with this preventive measure. We offer flu vaccines at a competitive price and others by request.

Primary Care Integration

Ensuring your employees have access to the right care at the right time is crucial to managing their health. We can help your employees access and coordinate care across our network of over 100 providers, clinics, and emergency centers in Greater Houston.

Specialty Provider Network

We work with your on-site clinic providers to identify specialists throughout Greater Houston who can provide timely, compassionate, and coordinated care for a seamless patient experience. From facilitating provider-to-provider referrals to assisting with booking appointments, we are your partner for better health.

Disease Management & Case Management

Our team can help your employees achieve better health by coordinating care for the management of chronic disease to improve health outcomes and reduce overall cost.

Find a Doctor

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U.S. News & World Report

U.S News & World Report has recognized Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center as one of the best hospitals for several specialties.