Liver Care

Hepatitis C Testing (Free)

St. Luke's Health Liver Health Outreach offers free hepatitis C screenings. If you think even one of these risk factors may apply to you, please call us at 1-800-72-LIVER.

  • Born between 1945 and 1965 (Baby Boomer) should have one time HCV test.
  • Recommended by CDC and USPSTF.
  • Received donated blood, blood products and/or organs prior to 1992 (
  • Received blood products for hemophilia before 1987
  • Experience chronic fatigue with no medical explanation
  • Have tested positive for HIV
  • Received a tattoo or body piercing while in prison, jail, or outside the United States - or with ink and/or needles that were not properly sterilized or individually wrapped before being used.
  • Served in the military during the Korean or Vietnam War (
  • Have been incarcerated (prison, jail)
  • Have ever injected drugs or shared needles to inject drugs (
  • Have ever snorted drugs through a straw or shared a straw to snort drugs (
  • Have 10 or more lifetime sex partners (
  • Are a man who has sex with other men (
  • Have chronically elevated ALT levels, indicated on lab tests (
  • Shared razors, toothbrushes or other personal hygiene products with someone infected with hepatitis C (
  • Sharing manicure/pedicure tools with someone who has hepatitis C
  • Been exposed to Hepatitis C because your mother had or may have had hepatitis C when you were born (
  • Worked in an environment where you may have been in contact with blood, blood products or needles (
  • Have had a needle stick injury in a health care setting (

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