Patient Stories

Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center has a long tradition of excellence. These are just a few stories of lives changed by someone giving the gift of life.

Scott Lapierre

After turning 40, Scott noticed a decline in his athletic ability. He was shocked when he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure at just 41 years old. Learning he needed a new heart, Scott was placed on the transplant list and later received a heart transplant at Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center.

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Karim “Smokey” Rashid

Karim “Smokey” Rashid was 46 when he blacked out while driving. After meeting with his cardiologist, Smokey Rashid discovered he had cardiac sarcoidosis, a condition so severe it required a new heart. He was referred to the heart transplant team at Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center and was placed on the transplant list.

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Sheila Vaughn

Sheila Vaughn is a happily married grandmother of five. Her blended family consists of Billy, her husband, three adult daughters, and one son. Sheila’s had a very exciting professional life with careers in pharmaceutical and lipid research, marketing, textbook consulting, and science teaching.

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Nigeria Evans

I, Nigeria Evans received my heart transplant on December 22, 2009 and I am blessed by the grace of God, the doctors at St. Luke’s Hospital, and the prayers of my family. I came a long way from being very sick and I flat lined (died), had 5 heart-attacks and a stroke on the same day in the year of 2006.

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Glenda Pay

I was devastated when I was told that I needed a heart transplant. I had been ill for about four months. I was in heart failure. I had all the symptoms.

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Rebecca Holder

In October of 1999, Rebecca Holder received a heart and double lung transplant after suffering from heart disease her entire life. Ever since joining our Transplant Program, she has proudly called CHI St. Luke's Health family.

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