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Smokey Rashid Has a New Fire in His Heart

Baylor St. Luke’s Gives New York Patient a Second Chance at Life

Karim “Smokey” Rashid was 46 when he blacked out while driving in his hometown of New York City. After meeting with his cardiologist in New York, Smokey discovered he had cardiac sarcoidosis, a condition so severe it required a new heart.

He was referred to Dr. Reynolds Delgado and the heart transplant team at Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center in Houston and was placed on the transplant list.

In 2012, Smokey underwent a heart transplant at Baylor St. Luke’s. Just six weeks after his transplant, Smokey was able to return to work. He credits Baylor St. Luke’s and his team of cardiologists for his second chance at life.

“I think about my donor every day,” says Smokey. “I feel like Baylor St. Luke’s is one of the institutions that will be among the most important in my life. I have tremendous affection for this institution.”

Today, his new heart has given him a true passion for life, and he lives every day celebrating what the world has in store. Smokey is now able to exercise, something he couldn’t dream of doing before his transplant, and looks forward to spending quality time fishing, riding bicycles, and playing tennis with his children.

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