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EpicCare Link

Securely connect organizations and community affiliates for coordinated patient care. Access patient information, medical records, radiology reports, and more in real-time through St. Luke's Health Epic data repository.

EpicCare Link is Epic’s web-based application for connecting organizations to their community affiliates. It provides community users secure access to select patient information in St. Luke’s Health Epic data repository.

EpicCare Link is not an EMR solution. It is a read-only application with service-oriented features configured to facilitate patient care with community practices.

Examples of community users include people outside of St. Luke’s who might need to review the clinical and administrative information of patients seen at our organization.  Affiliate clinical staff, billers, long-term care facilities, and correctional facilities are examples of EpicCare Link users.

With St. Luke’s EpicCare Link, you can: 

  • Maintain continuity of patient care with your St. Luke’s patients.

  • View your patient’s St. Luke’s  Epic medical records, including hospitalizations, emergency visits, and specialist referrals.

  • Review real-time clinical data, including radiology and procedure reports, hospital discharge summaries, current medication lists, patient demographics, and coverage data.


Need to reset your password? Please reach out to your organization's EpicCare Link Site Administrators to reset your password. For Site Administrator password resets contact the Help Desk at (866) 236-0441. Inform them you are an EpicCare Link end user so your ticket is routed appropriately.

If you have general questions about EpicCare Link (ECL), contact us at [email protected]

If applications are incomplete, have incorrect information, or are missing signatures this will delay processing.

Process for EpicCare Link Access

The Organization must be enrolled first. Use the enroll Organization link.

After the Organization is enrolled, site administrators must be designated for the Organization. Use the Site Administrator Request link. 

The request link has two actions:

  • Requested Site Administrator completes their portion and forwards the request link to the Practice/Payer contact. This cannot be the same person as the site administrator.
  • The Organization contact completes and submits the request.

NOTE: Two site administrators per organization are recommended.

Once the site administrator has been enrolled, individual users can request access using the Request Individual User Access link. 

The request has two actions:

  • End user completes their portion and saves the form. This will populate the site administrator's email address into a link. The end user clicks to send the email. 
  • The site administrator completes and submits the request.

Throughout the process, the requestor will be notified if the request is approved or denied. If you have any questions about the process or status of a request, please email  [email protected].

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