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Healthcare is becoming a more transparent business. In years past, healthcare consumers had no way of knowing if the hospital they used met the quality standards. Today, it is fairly easy to research how our community hospital or almost any other hospital in the country is doing relative to national standards.

What are we doing to improve clinical quality at CHISLHB? Below are some of the actions we take to provide top quality care:

  • We review our quality measurement data on a consistent basis and report to a hospital-based Performance Improvement Team.
  • We post our performance data for our Team Members to review, learn, and improve quality practices.
  • On a routine basis, we share our data with the Medical Staff, and work with them closely to ensure we keep our scores high.
  • The results are also shared with our Board of Trustees.
  • We have a concurrent review nurse who evaluates the patient charts to ensure each measure is met.
  • Our concurrent review nurse also meets with Team Members, including Physicians, to provide education regarding the core measures.
  • To remain consistent with national standards and trends, we hold regular educational sessions to learn more about quality and patient safety.

How can I learn more?

For FY21, our Hospital is focusing on improving the safety and quality of our care.  Focused performance improvements include: Acute Care and Ambulatory Care Patient Experience, Sepsis Mortality, 7 Day Readmissions, Hospital Acquired Infections such as CAUTI, CLABSI, C. Difficile, and Pressure Injuries.

For measurable results of our efforts, please review the Hospital Compare website at https://www.medicare.gov/care-compare/?providerType=Hospital&redirect=true

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