Paid Time Off


CHISLHB recognizes that employees may need time away from work for rest and relaxation, to handle personal business, holidays, for health reasons or for the care of a seriously ill dependent. Regular full-time and part-time employees begin accruing PTO upon hire. Benefits are earned after a 90-day eligibility period, however, you may borrow PTO during this time for recognized holidays. Full-time employees can accrue up to 22 days within their first year of employment. Accrual rate increases with tenure with a maximum accrual of 40 days.

Extended Sick Leave

St. Luke's Health–Brazosport has established an Extended Sick Leave (ESL) benefits program which provides team members with days off with pay in the event of a long-term illness, injury or medical condition. Accruals are based on worked hours during any pay period, which are regular hours, overtime hours, jury duty or bereavement.

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