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Faith & Spirituality

At Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center,  we recognize all faiths and beliefs in our pastoral approach and believe all spiritual and religious rites and symbols represent positive energy, faith, and hope.

We recognize each individual’s search for meaning or for a higher power as a faith walk. Our mission is to reflect each patient’s faith walk, to become attuned to his or her beliefs and to help him or her draw on those beliefs for strength and support.

Here at Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center, we have the Cullen Memorial Chapel, located by the Green Elevators, which is used for a number of regular services, special observances, musical presentations, and lectures. The chapel is available to all visitors including our international patients and their families.

There is a Musallah available next to the chapel. We have access through both our staff and community resources to many faith groups. With regard to public worship, a general schedule of televised public worship services is available for patients, families of patients, and staff. This schedule is televised on channel 18 of the closed-circuit hospital system, and is as follows:

10 AM Morning Worship
12 PM (Noon) Roman Catholic Mass

9 AM Ecumenical Worship Service

12 PM (Noon) Holy Eucharist (Episcopal)

12 PM (Noon) Roman Catholic Mass

Should you need additional information regarding Spiritual Care, or need the visit of a chaplain, day or night while at Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center, please request assistance from one of our International staff members at 832-355-3350.

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