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A senior man and his grandchild finish playing basketball at the playground.

Performance Training

Athletes have different needs and goals to excel in their sports. For outstanding results, all athletes, from recreational to elite, should have an athletic assessment to reduce the risk of injury. For athletes who are intent on competing at the highest level, Performance Medicine offers the sports-science expertise and facilities to help you reach your genetic potential.

We tailor our multi-step programs to meet your needs.

Initial Athletic Assessment

Effective performance training programs begin with an objective assessment of physical barriers or limitations. By evaluating your current physical function threshold, we can design an individualized program. Our Initial Athletic Assessment protocol is based on your age, sport, position, and athletic experience and benchmarked against normative data.

Evaluations may include:

  • Body composition analysis
  • Sport specific biomechanical analysis
  • Coordination and body control
  • Mobility
  • Reaction time
  • Musculoskeletal assessment
  • Cardiovascular endurance 

Performance Profile

Results of the Initial Athletic Assessment will be discussed in consultation with one of our licensed athletic trainers. We recommend an individual course of action to meet your performance goals. We track progress after each training session and make adjustments to maximize your performance gains. The assessment protocol will be repeated after 12 weeks to objectively measure your progress and response to training. The re-assessment identifies opportunities to optimize performance. Once you have reached your full physical potential, we will design an independent maintenance program and plan periodic assessments.

Personalized Program

Your personalized program is designed to guide you and optimize your performance – from Little League to Major League. Throughout your program, you will be supported by professional staff and the equipment and facilities found at the Division I and professional sports level.

Our program enhances athletes at all levels.

  • Youth athletes, ages 7-11: develop proficiencies in strength, speed, agility, cardiovascular capacity
  • Elite sports, middle school through college: improve performance and strength, reduce risk of injury
  • Professional athletes: maintain optimal performance, reduce risk of injury, access network of sports medicine physicians and clinicians
  • Masters athletes: reach or maintain competitive level through nutrition and training methods, increase muscle power

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