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A woman hugs her spouse after he returns home from receiving high-quality stroke care.

Artificial intelligence for stroke detection

When it comes to strokes, minutes matter, and getting the proper treatment in time can make all the difference. Artificial intelligence accelerates care coordination, reducing systemic delays that stand between patients and life-saving treatments. 

St. Luke’s Health uses AI technology to save time when moments count, making health care work faster and smarter. 

How is artificial intelligence used for stroke care?

Process delays when treating patients spurred health care workers to incorporate artificial intelligence into stroke care. AI-powered products detect and alert care teams to suspect a stroke within minutes. Physicians can consult in real-time through a HIPAA-compliant mobile network, driving faster treatment decisions that improve patient outcomes and save lives. 

How does artificial intelligence help physicians?

Artificial intelligence in stroke care saves critical minutes and hours during triage and the diagnosis of strokes. Within seconds, physicians receive notifications regarding which areas of the brain are affected by a stroke, leading to quick and precise treatment. This technology also allows for more synchronicity of care thanks to its cloud-based system that automatically analyzes and sends scan results to all physicians on the team. 

Introducing AI has also increased provider productivity by saving time when treating stroke patients. Physicians now have more time to care for other patients and keep their minds sharp. 

What emergency room near me uses artificial intelligence for stroke care?

St. Luke’s Health emergency centers provide a high level of care to stroke patients and more. Our teams are equipped to treat even the most complex stroke cases, using the latest technology to enhance the care we provide. Find the St. Luke’s Health emergency center closest to you below.

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