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An emergency care doctor talks with a man as he lays in a bed in the emergency room.

How to set up your phone's medical ID for emergencies

In case of emergency, how will the emergency medical team know about your allergies? If someone without professional training were the only one available, will he or she know how to reach your emergency contact? Put all these concerns to rest by adding your Medical ID on your iPhone in six easy steps.

Benefits of setting up your medical ID on your phone

Setting up medical ID information on your smartphone is essential for several reasons:

  • Emergency situations: In the event of an emergency where you're unable to communicate, medical ID information on your smartphone can provide critical details about your medical conditions, allergies, medications, and emergency contacts to first responders or medical personnel.
  • Quick access: Medical ID information is readily accessible from the lock screen of your smartphone, allowing emergency responders to view vital information without needing to unlock your device. This can save precious time during a medical crisis.
  • Allergies and medications: Medical ID information allows you to list any allergies you have, such as food allergies or drug allergies, as well as medications you're currently taking. This information is crucial for healthcare providers to provide appropriate treatment and avoid potential allergic reactions or medication interactions.
  • Chronic conditions: If you have a chronic medical condition such as diabetes, heart disease, or epilepsy, having this information readily available on your smartphone can help healthcare providers tailor their treatment to your specific needs and medical history.
  • Blood type and organ donor status: Medical ID information can also include details such as your blood type and whether you're an organ donor. This information can be vital in emergencies where blood transfusions or organ donations may be necessary.
  • Emergency contacts: Medical ID allows you to list emergency contacts, such as family members or friends, who can be notified in case of an emergency. This ensures that your loved ones are informed promptly if something happens to you.


Overall, setting up medical ID information on your smartphone is a simple yet crucial step to take in ensuring your safety and well-being, especially in emergency situations where every second counts. This information could save your life in the event of an emergency. Baylor St. Luke’s Emergency Centers thank you for preparing this information so we can better serve you!

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