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Quality sleep gives us energy we need during the day to function well. Refreshing sleep increases job performance, improves mood and overall well-being. Lack of sleep increases accidental injuries and stress. Stress evokes negative emotions such as anxiety and depression. Insomnia and narcolepsy are two very different sleep disorders that have a profound negative effect on one's health. If you are experiencing these signs and symptoms, discuss this issue with your doctor.

Insomnia is associated with difficulty falling asleep and or maintaining sleep. This condition is common and occurs in about one third of the adult population. Insomnia can be a difficult sleep disorder to diagnose. Often a patient may have other medical, psychiatric, and/or sleep disorders, resulting in the inability of a patient to sleep properly.

It is crucial to apply the "Good Sleep Habits" to the fullest extent and use a diary to track your progress. If you do not improve you should consult an insomnia specialist. The specialist can determine if other sleep disorders, medical and or psychiatric issues may be the underlying trigger to your problem. Bring your completed diary with you to your visit. A qualified physician can appropriately assess, diagnose and treat patients with insomnia. Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBTi) may be a treatment option. Effective treatment for insomnia can lead to significant quality-of-life benefits.

Talk to your doctor about the problems that you are experiencing and incorporate the sleep habits for a better night's sleep.

For sleep physician referral, call us at (832) 355-3348.

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