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We want to empower you with valuable information to help you and your family make important healthcare decisions. With this tool, you'll be able to find the general price estimate of the procedure you plan to have. Keep in mind that procedure costs can vary and do not include costs charged by others outside the hospital who are involved in a patient’s procedure, such as physicians, radiologists, and anesthesiologists.

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What is the total billed charges?

The total cost for each item used during a patient stay/visit that is billed to the insurance company for payment.

Can you explain how the insurance pays or doesn't pay for certain parts of a bill?

Insurance companies pay different according to their contract agreement with the employer or individual. To get a clear understanding of how your contracted insurance is expected to pay, contact your Insurance company by calling the customer service number located on your insurance card, or by contacting the Business Office at St. Luke's Health-Memorial for insurance payment information. There are several reasons why an insurance company may not pay on an account. To get a clear understanding of any reason, the Customer Service Department in the Business Office is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to answer all questions to a satisfactory resolution. A representative can be reached at 936-639-7931.

Who do I call to update my demographic or insurance information?

A call can be made to the Customer Service line of the Business Office at 936-639-7931 for immediate updating of all demographic or insurance information. If a person cannot get a customer service representative immediately due to high volume calls, a representative will return your call ASAP. All calls should be responded to within 24 hours.

Why didn’t you send me a statement?

Each patient receives a summary statement showing the total charges accrued on his/her account. If insurance is filed, the patient will not receive the next statement until the insurance(s) has paid.

How long does it take for my insurance to receive the hospital’s claim?

To better serve our customers, our hospital sends most claims electronically which allows for a quicker response time from the insurance company. For example, most hospitals can receive payment on an electronically billed claim within two to three weeks, barring any problems. If the claim is not electronically billed, the initial response can take up to 30 or 45 days.

Can I have a copy of an itemized statement?

An itemized statement is available to any patient upon request. That statement can be mailed directly to the patient’s address or can be picked up at the hospital at his/her convenience.

Has my insurance paid on this account and if so, how much?

If the insurance payment has been received, then a Business Office representative can share that information with the patient upon request. Please note that after the insurance pays, the patient will receive a statement from the hospital giving the patient balance and also an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) from their insurance showing amount paid and expected patient portion.

Does the hospital bill for the pathologist, radiologist, anesthesiologist, and/or emergency room physician charges?

The specialists listed above bill separately from the hospital.

Am I allowed to set up a payment plan to pay out my bill?

A payment plan, based on the estimated patient portion, can be set up by one of our financial counselors. However, if the patient chooses to wait until his/her balance is received, a payment plan can be set up at that time as well.

Do I have the option to pay by phone or online?

By calling the hospital’s cashier, a credit card payment can be performed over the phone immediately. You can also pay your bill online.

Am I required to get referrals or pre-authorization for my insurance?

To assist the patient, the registration staff works with the doctors' offices and the insurance companies to obtain referrals and/or pre-authorizations if required.

Can I get discounts on my hospital bill?

Most insurances have discounts already included in their contracts with the hospital. If a patient is uninsured, discounts are available to help them meet the cost of their health care bills.

Is my insurance “in-network” with your hospital?

The patient/customer can call the hospital’s Business Office to inquire about network benefits or call the Customer Service number located on his/her insurance card to inquire about network benefits and participating hospitals. Also, at the time of registration, the patient can inquire with the registration clerk performing real time verification of benefits for patient convenience.

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